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3 Common Mistakes When Trying To Lose Weight

Are You Trying To Lose Weight?

Make Sure You Don't Make These Mistakes

1. Not eating breakfast.

Skipping breakfast is one of the most effective ways to pack on the unwanted pounds. You don't eat during your sleep so when you wake the next morning you probably haven't eaten anything for around 8 hours. Skip breakfast, grab a quick coffee and you're probably looking at a total of 10-12 hours without food. You're body has entered into fasting mode and it's ready to store the next meal that's ingested. Likelihood is, if you skip breakfast, your food choices are poor too so your body's forced to hold onto nutrient void food. Do yourself a big favour and eat breakfast. It will provide you with energy to get going and will most likely sustain energy levels throughout the morning.

See Eat Breakfast, Lose Weight.

2. Eating Carbs at the wrong time.

If weight loss or improved body composition is the goal, then you have to eat carbs at the right time of the day.
As a general guideline the best times to consume carbohydrates is with your first meal after a workout. Straight after your workout the body needs carbohydrates to help aid recovery and support the muscle building/fat burning processes. 
Unfortunately, the majority of people aren't exercising enough, and are consuming too many carb rich foods leading to expanding waistlines from the age of 30 and beyond.

3. Performing the wrong exercises.

When we do exercise, we often choose aerobic activity over resistance training. This is an issue because running doesn't build strength or muscle. Infact, it can decrease our lean muscle tissue leaving us with less metabollically active(fat burning) tissue and more metabollically inactive tissue, making fat loss extremely difficult. The best exercise for weight loss is weight training. It increases your fat burning hormones, builds lean muscle and speeds up your metabolism.

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STR3NGTH Sessions

Small group training for women looking to lose weight and tone up.

Nutritional Management

At Ciarán Foy Personal Training we believe that a diet is only successful if the results achieved are longterm.

One to One Weight Loss: Men

Lose the belly and increase muscle definition with our specialised weight loss programmes.

One to One Weight Loss: Women

We specialise in successful weight loss programmes, ensuring that every facet of your health and wellbeing is nurtured.

Active Release Techniques

ART® is a patented soft tissue treatment that allows the practitioner to locate and break up scar tissue following injury.

Orthopaedic Sports Massage

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